Paper Straws GB

Paper Straws GB manufactures high quality biodegradable and ECO friendly paper straws in Great Britain. We are a family business with high ethical standards and a vision to create a better world for our children.

We had watched for some time with increasing alarm the damage caused by single use plastics to the environment. One of the main culprits responsible for this damage is plastic straws. Plastic straws are extremely damaging to the environment and consume a lot of resources in the manufacturing process. We also saw increasing amounts of plastic straws and waste strewn on our beaches, roadsides and the countryside. This causes untold long term environmental damage. Most of the paper straws sold in the UK are imported from China and other countries in the Far East. Imported straws are often of questionably quality and also have an associated huge carbon footprint.

Our beaches are being strewn with plastic rubbish due to poor waste management that’s leading to a global marine pollution crisis. Buy our stunning biodegradable paper straws made in the UK and say no to plastics.

We setup Paper Straws GB to help arrest the degradation to our environment by offering an alternative solution. Our paper straws and packaging are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. Our paper straws are made from plastic free materials meeting European and FDA standards for food safe products.

The paper straws we manufacture at Paper Straws GB are made in UK hence eliminating the need to import straws from faraway places. This enables individuals and businesses alike to reduce their carbon footprint and help save the planet. Our clients are hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, hospitality and we sell directly to the general public.

We believe our paper straws are perfect for all occasions and will help reduce the environmental damage of plastics. Say no to plastic - our planet matters.

Thank you for shopping with us at Paper Straws GB.